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Since November, every Wednesday I get the pleasure of volunteering at the National Museum of Wales- Amgueddfa Cymru in Cardiff. I work with the amazing Preventative Conservation team, lead by Christian Baars.


What does that mean? Like me, the majority of you probably think of wilderness or animals when you hear the term “conservation.” In the context of museums and my studies here in Cardiff, conservation refers to fixing and caring for objects such as 14947629_10211232927365846_5975985971789537230_npottery, paintings, sculptures… or anything you might find in a museum or archive. Therefore preventative conservation work encompasses anything and everything we can do to prevent damage to museum objects.

On my first day of volunteering, we were tasked with looking for signs of insect infestations… ironically we were looking for them in the museum’s entomology (insect) collection. How? Little insects who eat these collections may leave signs that they were there. We could find bodies, casings, or…

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Dirt & Dead Things: Conservation at the National Museum of Wales


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