Chloe Pearce Conservation

A Peruvian ceramic, otherwise known as Gerald, was the first object I was allocated at Cardiff. Communication with Newport Museum confirmed they wanted an invisible repair, however the task was not that simple. Further examination showed that the ceramic had been damaged on two occasions. The original break, in which one piece came away, was adhered with Paraloid B72. When the ceramic was damaged a second time the ceramic fabric failed and a piece was lost. The cohesion strength of the Paraloid caused the fabric to fail and there was extensive fabric transfer along the break. These details all made my first task quite complicated.

With no information I first turned my attention to material and production analysis and understanding. The fabric contains unburnt organic material, which is dark grey and runs through the centre of the ceramic. There is also medium density inclusions; they vary widely in colour and…

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Missing Pieces: Conservation of a Peruvian Ceramic


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