BACKING NEWPORT: Volunteers make city’s history come alive

Friends of Newport Ship

Very many thanks to the South Wales Argus for publishing this piece that Newport’s heritage groups put together to highlight how heritage is doing its bit to draw visitors into Newport.

See the full article (and all the pictures!) here

Philip Cox, re-elected chairman of Friends of Newport Ship, writes about Newport’s Heritage for the Argus campaign We’re Backing Newport. From the Medieval Ship to the Transporter Bridge, the city has lots to offer.

“Our rich heritage is fascinating, and each site is deliciously intertwined with others. Newport Museum holds many key artefacts for the projects that are ‘owned’ by the city, the Museum itself, the Medieval Ship and the Transporter Bridge, plus it links with Roman Caerleon, Caerwent and Fourteen Locks; a veritable ‘string of pearls’ with which Newport is blessed.

Our maritime trading history is enriched by the many vessels found on the fringes of the Severn Estuary…

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