Chloe Pearce Conservation

Çatalhöyük is located in the Konya Plain, approximately 45km from Konya. It is a Neolithic settlement first inhabited in 7,4000 BCE. The landscape consisted largely of wetland, rather than the contrasting dust and farmland we see today. In July I spent around three weeks on site helping out the conservation department.

My experience to date has been limited to working within the lab at Cardiff University. Here, the environment is managed. In the lab on site there was no such control. In the shelters on site this problem was often exaggerated; the north shelter can reach 48°C during the summer and drop below zero during the winter months. With this, the humidity can vary from near 100% to 40% throughout the year. Materials used must be able to withstand huge changes in environment, while still maintaining the desired properties.

For wall painting consolidation we used 5% Paraloid B44, a methyl…

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Çatalhöyük: Practicalities of Field Conservation


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