Chloe Pearce Conservation

The work of conservators is often carried out behind closed doors, so the public rarely see an object’s full transformation. This is gradually being altered as conservation is presented to museum audiences.

On Saturday the 23rd of April the conservation department of the National Museum of Wales presented their work in the museum’s foyer. The exhibits included preventative, archaeological, textile and painting conservation. Some were interactive, such as identifying objects from their x-ray images and looking at fibres and pigments through the microscope. These kinds of activities relate directly to the work we do. A few objects were also on display, such as the fantastic arm chair cover. However, the displays were largely dominated by microscope and SEM photos which often needed explaining

The enthusiasm, welcoming and knowledgeable nature of the staff really carried the open day. With them I discussed identifying pigments, ethics, and mineralised organics. I also…

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Out of the back rooms: The Conservation Open Day at the National Museum of Wales


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