Effective preservation decision strategies

Rob Waller and I have just published the paper ‘Effective preservation Decision Strategies’ in Studies in Conservation.

Untill April the 17th 2016 there is free access to the whole journal via Taylor and Fraincis online.

This is the abstract of the paper:

Decisions about preservation issues are made both deliberatively and unconsciously. Heuristics operate as intuitive processes which are rapid and can be reliable and effective. Deliberative decisions require time to complete and can be described by an analytic-deliberative model. The characteristics of these two processes and their relevance to preventive conservation decision-making are discussed. Each of these two processes has its strengths and weaknesses. People naturally make decisions and utilise a range of strategies without necessarily having insights into the process. This paper provides a frame to help examine, describe, and reflect upon our own and others’ decision-making in order to improve both processes and outcomes.


Free Access

That said getting to the paper is not easy so here is a quick guide.

First click into the free access link (embedded link below)


From there choose Explore our Heritage, Museum Studies and Conservation journals

And from there choose Studies in Conservation from the alphabetical list.

You now should have all of the papers published in Studies in Conservation since 1997 to choose from. Plenty of great stuff to read there then!

If you want to read our paper, go to the left blue options  column  and choose ‘latest articles‘. This opens up another list of the latest treasures. You have to scroll down this list for a little while and there you should find it. effective preservation decision making. You have made so many rationale decisions just to get to this point you might be glad to read about decison making options  that include the easier heuristic decisions that we subconsciously rely on for many important life choices.

If you are a member of IIC or subscriber via your library you can still get access via this link after the 17th April 2016 using this link :



Permalink to the paper

Taylor and Francis free access until April 17th


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