British coverage of refugees “most hostile” in Europe

Diaspora Cardiff

The UK printed press coverage of the refugee crisis is the most xenophobic and dehumanising in Europe, Cardiff University researchers pointed out yesterday.

Presenting a research commissioned by the UNHCR, Mike Berry, Kerry Moore and Inaki Garcia Blanco said British press coverage of refugees was the most inaccurate and hostile in the continent.

Kerry Moore said, “The national press has represented the issue as a threat to society and social resources, and dodged humanitarian categories when possible.”

The research is called “Saving refugees or policing the seas? How the national press of five EU member states frame news coverage of migration”

It analysed press coverage of the refugee crisis in UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Spain, taking into consideration a sample of over 300 articles from the most read national newspapers – Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Guardian and Telegraph in the UK.

According to the…

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