Five minutes with..Mark Kearney, ICON/HLF Intern (conservation of modern materials), Victoria & Albert Museum

heritage science. fact not fiction

What’s your background in heritage science?

My scientific background comes from my undergraduate degree. I have a BA(Hons) degree in Physics with Astrophysics; by the time I was in 4th year I knew I wanted to push my career into a different context. A professor, who works with Raman spectroscopy, told us about the work he was doing analysing pigments used in the Book of Kells. That short talk really grabbed my imagination so after graduating I did a Graduate Diploma in Conservation followed by an MSc in Professional Conservation. The studies I did after my undergraduate really helped me to understand the needs of the heritage industry (ethics, conservation materials & treatments, and the types of objects found in collections.) It was during my MSc I really started to develop my heritage science experience. I found that I was using the same techniques and theories I used in…

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