Five minutes with…Dr Constantina Vlachou-Mogire (ACR), Senior Conservation Scientist, Historic Royal Palaces

heritage science. fact not fiction

What’s your background in heritage science?

I studied objects conservation before I completed a PhD in Archaeological Sciences at Bradford University. In my research for my thesis I discovered how the Late Roman empire debased their coins and made them look silvery with amalgam plating. There were many times during this project that I felt like a spy trying to uncover the top secrets of the highly guarded Mint! Since then, I have worked in various research areas such as preventive conservation, conservation science, environmental science, data management, modelling, material science and ancient technology. Since 2010 I have been UK expert in the CEN/TC 346 Conservation of Cultural Property standards project and member of the BSI Committee B/560 Conservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage. I am an accredited conservator, member of ICON (Institute of Conservation) and a Trustee of the National Heritage Science Forum.

What’s your role at Historic Royal Palaces?

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